Pages UI Framework changelog
Pages UI Framework changelog


  • [Added] Angular 5 Native Support
  • [Upgrade] Bootstrap v4.1
  • [Upgrade] JQuery 3.2.1
  • [Removed] MeteroJS Support
  • [Fixed] Minor Issues on HTML version
  • [Fixed] SASS fixes and LESS optimization


  • [Upgrade] Bootstrap v4
  • [Added] 5 Different Layouts
  • [Added] 2 New themes
  • [Removed] IE9 support
  • [Removed] Angular 1.x Support
  • [Upgrade] CalendarJS compatibility with npm
  • [Fixed] Bugs in IE10
  • [Upgrade] MeteroJS support to v1.5
  • [Fixed] SASS fixes and LESS optimization


  • [Upgrade] Bootstrap to v3.3.7
  • [Upgrade] Fontawesome to v4.7.0
  • [Fixed] [Calendar] pagescalendar('getEvents',option);
  • [Fixed] [Calendar] pagescalender(“rebuild”)
  • [Fixed] [Calendar] Setting startOfTheWeek and endOfTheWeek breaks
  • [Fixed] [Calendar] Scroll to first event is not working properly
  • [Fixed] [Calendar] Calendar.settings.header.visible not applying properly
  • [Fixed] Prevent scroll propagation on sidebar menu
  • [Fixed] [Calendar] Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'pageX' of undefined



  • [Add] Minimal Weekly Stats Widget
  • [Add] Project Progress Widget
  • [Add] Stat Cards Widget
  • [Fixed] Angular Email Compose Unwanted width
  • [Remove] duplicate code
  • [Add] "context" parameter to init functions - Pages.js
  • [Add] Better way to get selected option
  • [Remove] unused variable (padding) - Pages.js


  • Full Compatibility with SASS / SCSS
  • Compatibility with LibSass
  • Misspelled bootstrap diretory in assets folder
  • Remove console.log calls in pages.js


  • Full Compatibility with SASS / SCSS
  • Compatibility with LibSass
  • Misspelled bootstrap directory in assets folder


  • Fixes for sass/scss
  • [Calendar] eventOverlap should be set to false by default and changing does not disable events to overlap
  • [Calendar] eventBubble attribute not working as expected
  • [Calendar] ui visible option change doesn't effect anything
  • [Calendar] local variable/attribute change doesn't effect anything
  • [Notification] In mobile when menu is open it overlaps with the sidebar
  •  [Calendar] MonthView onMonth change 


  • Weekly Widget #2 - Table Widget
  • Weekly Widget #3 - Pie Chart Widget
  • Fixed : Datatable Pagination Styles
  • Fixed : Using Boostrap dropdowns in tables
  • Fixed : Calendar date selectiong gets slower with each selection
  • Fixed : Force load all fonts via HTTP breaks SSL
  • Fixed : Jquery in Rails
  • Fixed : Datatable sorting_disabled css